Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yesterday, Ryan and I rang in the second day of the new year by going on our first official date to a restaurant in China. I mean, we've been to KFC, bakeries, and other little places but not an actual restaurant by ourselves. One of the best things about some of the nicer restaurants is that they have picture menus, and some even have english descriptions of the items. We found this to be true of the restaurant we visited with Megan & her family as well as UBC Coffee (the place we went yesterday). 

My favorite food title I found yesterday was, "Ridiculous amounts of Ridiculous". We didn't actually order it, but one day I think I'd like to experience the taste of ridiculous amounts of ridiculous. Hahaha. When we went to The Second Season Restaurant with Megan's family, I took home a menu for your reading enjoyment. Here are some of my favorite items on the menu (with commentary because I just can't resist on some of these):

* I like to eat chicken feet 
* Mouth crisp
* Beauty skin cold
* Beauty (i need to order this)
* Drunk Bullacta
* Bad Sam Sun (they served the good stuff last week)
* Xiang soil saliva chicken
* Choking sand crabs
* Often credited Luya
* he mango sago Ice Cream fishing (my ice cream went fishing!)
* fresh flowers
* Steamed with Mayweather
* Random firing small fresh: with new year cake
* Li Jijiang River (look ma, i got the whole river)
* Incense pot vegetarian
* The temptation to head (resist the temptation)
* A kilometer tenderloin (really, 1.6 miles of tenderloin?)
* Soup screws
* Green peppers hatching eggs
* The chicken soup braised three silk
* super potatoes (It's a bird, it's a plane, it's..... super potatoes?)
* The sand port radish burn barrel bone (I give up, I guess they're just listing random words now)
* The mother burning of chowder 
* Farm bamboo clothing 
* Feminist food (like Chicken breast?)
* Eat pork
* Finger sauce keel 
* The grandmother burned the pigs feet (mean, mean grandma)
* sausage steamed horse mackerel (horse mackerel? maybe it's seahorse with sausage?)
* want to eat barbecue
* Sea breeze to blow-dry the eel
* New school sizzling black pepper taro (no more old school for these chefs!)
* Nourishing soil chicken pot
* Soil burning wax gourd 
* The home burned disk heads (I don't even know what this could mean)
* Taizhou mountain powder paste 
* Strange face (no thanks, I'd like a familiar one please...)
* His family and New Year cake 
* Egg burned soil surface (it seems like there is a lot of burned dirt on the menu)
* Hand made eight years
* Hard Chinese

I hope these made you smile! We love reading the menus. All of these were copied word for word. hahaha. Anyways, our internet isn't working again, I've spent several hours trying to upload pictures, but this is all I've got. Sorry! Hopefully more will come soon. 

Ryan with his class at a local middle school

The mountain just outside our school

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  1. Crazy menu but great pictures. Keep it coming. I love it.